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My Story

Hi and welcome! I'm Ming. I'm on a mission to support people at the intersection of race, gender, tech, and leadership. I work with those stuck in the margins of the workplace, at a crossroads in their path, and those looking to make pivots in their lives. I help them get clear on who they want to be at work and in life so they can be in alignment with their values and goals.


My focus is largely driven by my own lived experiences as an AAPI woman in tech faced with gaslighting, conscious and unconscious biases, and generally the lack of support for AAPI women leaders in the workplace. I am passionate about championing your strengths and fighting injustice in creative and humorous ways. 


I have had a 20+ year career in the corporate world working in leadership and executive roles in sales, account/partner management, and strategic relationship management to revenue operations, business development, and global product partnerships. I have led teams at Akamai, Comcast, and Twitter and taken startups to acquisition 3x. What I loved about my career is working closely with clients and building strong, trusted relationships which I now bring into my coaching practice. I look forward to meeting you!    

"I Feel Stuck"

Sound familiar? Or maybe it sounds like, "I don't know what to do about this" or "I wish I had clarity here" or even simply, "What do I want?" Here are some of the ways we might work together: 

  • Clarity of purpose - what do I want my impact to be? 

  • Direction - how do I get unstuck? There's a fork in the road...which path do I take?  

  • Value - what's important to me and my life? What do I want? 

  • Self-realization - how do I want to show up in the world? 

The idea is there are things you want for your life that are elusive right now and are worth exploring. But chemistry is everything so let's see if we click! ​

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